Mini Fogger LOC 2L, For Mosquito Fogging in Outdoor Garden

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Product Description

Brand : Foggers India
Model: LOC Handy Fogger
Fogging Done for Mosquito Control

Foggers India offers you LOC Handy Fogging Machine To manage mosquitoes the way you want to. And you can do it yourself, It helps you manage Mosquito menace, LOC Handy Fogging Machine is most effective for small areas like poultry farmers, bungalows, party lawns housing societies, farm houses schools, etc.

Description & Technical Specification

Covers small areas effectively
Weight : 1.5 Kg
Use LP-Gas as burner fuel
Noiseless operation
Reliable hand pump for fog output
Nation wide sales and service
Patented Coil cleaning system
Country of Origin : China
Applications : Fogging Used For Mosquito Control

Technical Specification:

Name     LOC Handy Fogging Machine. 
Type of Machine     Thermal Aerosol Fog, LPG principal.
Solution Tank Capacity     2.0 litres plastic tank.
Solution Tank Pressure     No Pressure
Flush Tank Capacity    200 ML, Fused with Formulation tank
Gas Consumption     Approx 400 Grams ( 225 ML / hr or 2 Gas Can of 225 Gram Each )
Weight Empty     1.5 kg.
Guarantee     12 Month Against Mfg. Defects.
Test Report     Govt. Recognize Lab