Brush Cutter Clearing Saw Blade 26T x 10, Cuts Upto 4 Inch Bamboo Trees, Bushes, Branches Wood

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Blade : 26T x 10 Inch

Number of Teeth : 26

Diameter of Blade : 10 Inch

Cutting Capacity : Upto 4 Inch

Weight : 750 Grams

Application : Cutting Bamboo Trees, Tree Branches, Twigs, Wood For Burning & Hard Wood

    Japanese Brush Cutter CST blade is at least ten times better for cutting small branches, bushes, twigs & trees as compared to any chinese chainsaw in the market.

    Not only it saves money on chain maintenance & replacement due to wear & tear, but also works in rough conditions with minimal damage to blade due to hitting on stones & other hard surfaces during cutting operation.

    It is also resharpenable upto five times depending on usage & application. It is highly durable, efficient, time & money saving brush cutter accessory available in market.

    Blade Material - Stainless steel SKS 5 (JAPAN)

    Tip Material - Original Stainless steel SKS 5 (JAPAN)

    Tip - Precision, Right left chain saw type teeth cut for easy cut even on hard wood

    Blade Surface - Rust Proof Coat Anti corrosion powder coating color

    Engine Power -  1-3 HP Petrol & Electric Both, Due to high cutting efficiency of blade, it can be used with all brush cutter models including basic 1 HP 26 cc 2 stroke petrol engine brush cutter

    RPM - Works Better On Low RPM, Optimal working RPM ranges from 5000 to 7500

    Fuel Consumption - Big Saving On Fuel, Upto 25% less fuel consumption due to optimal cutting on low RPM

    Anti Bend Design  - Less Vibration Does not bend while cutting hard wood & no or minimum vibration

    Safety - Robust Design, Due to operation on low RPM & anti bend design, there is less chance of blade damage & safe for operator

    Operation - User Friendly, Smooth strokes with optimal pressure cuts even hard wood

    Maintenance - Resharpen, Can be resharpened depending on application & Usage