TCT Blade 40T x 10" For Brush Cutter, Cuts Upto 4 Inch Branches, For Cutting Mulberry, Sugarcane, Wheat, Rice, Soyabean, Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Urad & All Kind Of Fodder Grass

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Blade : 40T x 10 Inch

Type Of Blade : TCT Blade

Number of Teeth : 40

Diameter of Blade : 10 Inch

Cutting Capacity : Upto 4 Inch

Weight : 590 Grams

Application : For Cutting Mulberry, Sugarcane, Wheat, Rice, Soyabean, Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Udid & All Kind Of Fodder Grass
    Japanese Brush Cutter TCT blade is at least five times better for cutting all sort of crops including fodder, sugarcane & mulberry than any Chinese TCT blade available in the market. Not only it saves money on frequent replacement as in the case of Chinese TCT blade due to wear & tear, but also works in rough conditions with minimal damage to blade due to hitting on stones & other hard surfaces during cutting operation. Most importantly, Japanese TCT blades can make cut in roots of the plant easily where none Chinese TCT blades are successful. This helps to increase production & yield crop uniformly. It is highly durable, efficient, time & money saving brush cutter accessory available in market.

    Blade Material - Stainless steel SKS 5 (JAPAN)

    Tip Material -  Pure tungsten carbide (JAPAN)

    Tip -  Automated & advanced brazing technique for long trouble free life of tips

    Blade Surface -  Rust Proof Coat Anti corrosion powder coating color

    Engine Power - 1-3 HP Petrol & Electric Both Due to high cutting efficiency of blade, it can be used with all brush cutter models including basic 1 HP 26 cc 2 stroke petrol engine brush cutter

    RPM -  Works Better On Low RPM Optimal working RPM ranges from 5000 to 7500

    Fuel Consumption - Big Saving On Fuel Upto 25% less fuel consumption due to optimal cutting on low RPM

    Anti Bend Design -  Less Vibration Does not bend while cutting hard wood & no or minimum vibration

    Safety  - Robust Design Due to operation on low RPM & anti bend design, there is less chance of blade damage & safe for operator

    Operation -  User Friendly Smooth strokes with optimal pressure cuts all crops, fodder, various kinds of small trees, branches & bushes

    Model - 40T Can cut upto 4 inch